Multi-band radio receiver ICs


In August 2011, EDOM Technology introduced Silicon Labs’ multi-band radio receiver IC solution that will modernise wheel tuned radio products with digital displays.

Features and USP: Based on a patented low IF digital architecture, the Si484x receivers offer unmatched integration in CMOS, reducing radio component count by more than 70 per cent and dramatically shrinking bill of materials (BOM) and PCB area requirements in applications such as tabletop and portable radios, stereos, mini/micro systems, boom boxes, etc. They also deliver unsurpassed RF performance in the worldwide AM/FM/SW bands, as well as audio features that are unmatched by competing radio ICs. The automatically tuned RF front end circuitry adjusts to reject noise and amplify the target signal for exceptional sensitivity in weak signal conditions. In crowded broadcast environments, the RF front end automatically attenuates undesired blockers and receives the audio signals on the desired channel with exceptional signal quality. Additional unique audio features include digital volume control, soft mute and bass/treble audio control.

For further details: EDOM Technology (India); Ph:+91-080-26780722; [email protected];



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