DuPont India goes the solar way


DuPont has installed photovoltaic modules at the DuPont Knowledge Center (DKC) – the company’s R&D and knowledge services centre — at Hyderabad to enable the facility to meet part of its energy requirements through solar energy.

The two solar module technologies demonstrated at the centre have a total installed power output capacity of more than 50 kilowatts (kW). This includes 29 kW from silicon-based thin film modules manufactured by DuPont Apollo and 25kW manufactured with crystalline silicon technology.

The solar installation will offset about 70 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year and will enable the facility to avoid about over $11,000 a year in purchased electricity costs.

In a press release, Dr Homi Bhedwar, Director, DuPont Knowledge Center, said, “Our products can help make the promise of solar energy a reality while also powering our facilities as part of DuPont sustainability goals. DuPont is a leading material and technology supplier to the photovoltaic industry with more than 25 years of experience in photovoltaic materials development.”



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