Compulsory registration for specified electronics order further streamlined


Tuesday, October 08, 2013: The Department of Electronics and IT (DeitY), has mandated Compulsory Registration for Specified Electronic items vide “Electronics and IT Goods (Requirement of Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012”.

Based on the requests received from stakeholders and for smooth implementation of the said order, the DeitY has issued orders clarifying that the department shall be issuing exemption orders which can be presented by the importer/manufacturer before relevant authority for seeking the benefit of the said exemption. It may be recalled that as per circular 01 of 2013 (F. No. 37(2)/2013-IPHW dated 29.05.2013), highly specialised equipment is exempted from the applicability of the compulsory registration.

Further, items manufactured or imported for the purpose of demonstration, research and development or testing are also exempted from compulsory registration. The exemption order issued by the DeitY shall be presented in original to the excise/customs authorities with each consignment qualifying for exemption and the quantity released shall be endorsed by the excise/customs on this letter. The letter shall remain valid for the duration marked on it by the issuing authority.

This is expected to streamline the process for granting exemptions to specified categories of equipment. Further, DeitY has also clarified that: I. PA Amplifiers with MP3 Playback facility are not covered under Electronic Musical System (Sl. No. 11 of the schedule to the Compulsory Registration Order). II. Barcode readers, Barcode scanners, Iris scanners and Optical fingerprint scanners, when sold as stand- alone product would be covered (Srl. No. 8 of the schedule to the Compulsory Registration Order).


However, handheld and portable scanners of these categories which do not use external power supply and draw power through USB port from host computer are not covered. For any further clarifications in this regard, please contact Shri Arun Sachdeva, Senior Director, DeitY (Email: [email protected]).



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