Broadcom India expands facilities in India


By Jesus Milton Rousseau S

Broadcom Corporation, a major technology innovator and global leader in semiconductors for wired and wireless communications, is reinforcing its commitment to India by expanding its facilities in India. It will develop a facility in Bengaluru of 1,75,000 sq ft  (previously it was around 80,000 sq ft only) and in Hyderabad of 48,000 sq ft. In Hyderabad, previously, it was a stand alone building, but now it will be developed as a technology park.  Broadcom is one of the world’s largest fabless communications semiconductor companies with a revenue of US$ 4.49 billion in 2009. It holds more than 3,800 US and 1,550 foreign patents, and has more than 7,800 additional pending patent applications, In an exclusive interview with Electronics Bazaar, Rajiv Kapur, managing director, Broadcom India, says, “The reason for expansion is similar to our announcement with the Q2 results. We are performing well in terms of revenue growth as stated in Q2 2010 earnings. In April-June 2010, we reported US$ 1.604 billion revenue, which is a growth of 9.75 per cent net revenue in comparison to Q1.

Commenting on the reasons for its growth, Kapur says, “We are doing extremely well in our existing portfolios in corporate level like switches, wireless LAN, cable modems, combo chips, etc. We are doing well in the emerging businesses—like the mobile platform space, baseband process for 2G and 3G, digital TV, connected TV for consumers, Blu-ray players— which are adding to our revenues and customer attractions. In all these projects, the Indian teams are integrated as part of the worldwide ownership.  Broadcom globally has a headcount of more than 8000 employees and in India, it has more than 500 employees.



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