32-bit microcontroller based multi-core architecture


In October 2011, Infineon Technologies introduced 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) based multi-core architecture for automotive applications.

Features and USP: The multi-core architecture features up to three processor cores to share the application load, introduces lockstep cores, and contains further enhanced hardware safety mechanisms. Based on the existing TriCore processor of Infineon, the new multi-core architecture sets another benchmark for real time performance in automotive applications. It contains up to three TriCore processor cores connected over a crossbar running at the full CPU speed and avoiding hardware contentions.

Additionally, the architecture implements multiple program Flash modules with independent read interfaces, which further support real time capabilities. Additional innovations of the architecture comprise a new easily applicable and powerful timer module that offloads the CPUs, and new analogue-to digital converters including Delta Sigma converters of great accuracy and a high sampling rate.

For further details: www.infineon.com/automotive, www.infineon.com/microcontrollers



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