Image recognition system on-chip


In October 2011, Renesas Electronics Corporation announced the availability of its new image recognition system-on-chip (SoC)—the SH7766.

Features and USP: This solution integrates, on a single chip, all the required functions to implement a camera based surround view system, together with the display of crucial information such as lanes, signs and markings, pedestrians, vehicles, etc.

The SH7766 SoC integrates a hardware engine that enables new view functions such as a viewpoint conversion engine and dynamic range control. The image renderer (IMR) viewpoint conversion engine generates in real time, for each video input, top view images in which the viewpoint changes with the surroundings. It features the IMP-X2 next generation image recognition engine, which retains library compatibility with Renesas’ existing image processing engine (IMP) while boosting processing performance over fourfold. This enables it to perform multiple processing tasks in parallel, such as tracking of lanes, signs and markings, pedestrians and vehicles.

For further details: Renesas Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd; Ph: (65)6213-0200;



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