inYantra believes that the Indian EMS industry is well positioned to leverage ‘Digital India’


With over 15 years of experience in PCB assembly and box builds, inYantra Technologies Pvt Ltd aims to offer cost-effective, scalable and quality products to all its customers. The company plans to help its customers establish the entire supply chain and also ‘design for manufacturability’ – actions that will eliminate field failure and lead to greater durability of the end product.

By Baishakhi Dutta

In 2002, inYantra Technologies was incorporated as an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) firm. It developed its capabilities over the past 16 years, and started scaling up aggressively from 2011.

PCB assembly is the company’s core competence, and it is equipped with the latest technology and machinery to meet the demands of its customers. inYantra performs SMD assembly, through-hole assembly, ball grid array (BGA), flex PCB assembly, and testing with automated optical inspection (AOI) systems and in-circuit testers.

Products manufactured
inYantra has a state-of-art production and testing facility and modern infrastructure, including an exclusive line for green manufacturing. It has the expertise and capability to manufacture a wide range of SMD and THD boards with the latest packaging of quad flat packs (QFPs), multiple BGAs, land grid arrays (LGAs)/QFNs, micro BGAs (MBGAs), fine chip ICs, 0402/ 0201/ 01005 chips, wire/chip bonding, etc; and it provides new product development services, right from the new product introduction (NPI) to the volume manufacturing stage on a ‘print to build’ basis.

Currently, inYantra caters to more than 30 customers in various sectors like automotive, industrial/power electronics, consumer electronics and renewable energy. Its product line is given below.

1. Electronics manufacturing services that include PCB assembly

  • SMD assembly
  • Through-hole assembly
  • Supply chain management
  • Conformal coating
  • Turnkey job works
  • Testing with in-house jig developments

2. Box builds that include complete end-to-end products like UPS systems, vessel traffic service (VTS), etc

  • Vendor development
  • Product life cycle management
  • In-house manufacturing of PCBA
  • Drop shipment and final testing

Production capacity
With a state-of-art manufacturing facility of 6000sqm, inYantra is currently producing 5 million PCB assemblies annually. The manufacturing unit is equipped with three high speed SMT lines and has the provision to expand because of its expertise in:

  • PCB assembly for high tech/high mix, BGA and flex circuits
  • Fully automated CNC conformal coating
  • Wire harness/electro mechanical assembly
    inYantra has implemented ERP for its operations, and bases its scheduling on customer requirements, ensuring better management of materials, manpower and machinery.
Facts and figures
Key market segments: Automotive, power, automation, industrial electronics, consumer and green energy
Production capacity: 50 million components placement capacity per month (more than 500,000 PCBAs/month)
Factory location: Shindewadi, Shirwal Post, Khandala, Satara – 412801 (40 minutes’ drive from Pune)
Workforce: 400+
Areas of expertise: Design for manufacturing (DFM), PCB assemblies and box build assemblies
Contact details:, [email protected], Ph: +91-8805808887

Focus on quality

inYantra promotes a culture of quality at every level, and follows the principle of ‘The next process is our customer’, employing foolproof mechanisms. “We ensure that products are taken through all the quality control stages, starting from vendor development, incoming quality tests, process quality tests, pre-dispatch inspection to customer goods received notes (GRN),” says Nitin Jain, CEO of inYantra Technologies Pvt Ltd.

inYantra has a totally new test area equipped with LabVIEW software, functional and bench tests as well as burn-in facilities. The company has a well-defined and systematic evaluation system to ensure that standards of quality are constantly met. The quality systems are enhanced over time to encompass the various disciplines of manufacturing and the ever-changing needs of the OEMs it supplies to. The company reviews business reports and has measurement criteria for all its key suppliers/customers, which include:

  • A single-minded focus on Kaizen
  • Focus on processes for consistent quality and reliability
  • QMS as per IPC standards
  • DFM analysis
  • Process flow charts
  • Control plans
  • Process failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)
  • Gauge response and recovery (R&R) studies, production capacity (CP) and production capacity index (CPK) measurement

Certifications achieved
inYantra’s manufacturing facility is both QMS ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949 certified and qualified for EMS requirements – it has an ESD safe production floor with temperature and humidity controls, moisture sensitive component storage, MIL and IPC compliance, etc.

Capital expenditure
Currently, the company has invested more than US$ 4 million in infrastructure through internal and external funding, and is backed by a private equity firm.

Success story
According to Jain, customers have always been the key for inYantra, and ensuring that they are always satisfied with on-time deliveries and the quality of the products has helped the company retain its position in the market. inYantra uses its deep domain knowledge to take inputs from its customers to ensure the right design is used during manufacturing. “We are involved with the customer right from the design phase till the end, and give useful inputs with respect to component selection and design,” says Jain.

He adds that the company believes in the proper use of machines, manpower and materials, which helps in the optimum use of resources. “It gives us immense pride in leveraging the right machinery, starting from sourcing to delivery, in order to meet the Industry 4.0 standard,” says Jain.

Certified by ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949, inYantra aims to help customers in establishing a complete supply chain at very competitive prices. The company ensures that its OEM vendors diligently attend to quality issues by deploying certified products. “Like our customers, our OEM vendors are an important part of our ecosystem and have contributed tremendously to our success story,” says Jain.

Take on ‘Make In India’
Talking about the Make in India programme, Jain states that the Indian government has realised that electronics manufacturing is critical to the country from an economic as well as a strategic perspective. “The government started with first correcting the reverse duty structure, which was penalising the Indian EMS industry. The Indian industry quickly recognised the importance of this move, and many more EMS units have been set up over the last couple of years.”

He believes that the Indian EMS industry is well positioned to leverage the Digital India programme, as higher consumption of tech is now being driven by the government across many aspects of our lives, whether it be vessel traffic services (VTS), smart cities or bio-sensors for fingerprinting.

Environmental policy
inYantra Pvt Ltd aims to conserve natural resources by reducing waste. The company ensures that all its manufacturing processes are carried out keeping the environment in mind, and comply with the relevant rules. inYantra has established a continual improvement programme that is designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Identify and update the environmental aspects/hazards and impacts/risks associated with its activities and processes
  • Minimise waste generation and promote reuse
    Reduce energy consumption
  • Periodically arrange training to employees on the Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Fulfil compliance obligations
  • Implement and continually improve its EMS, in compliance with the requirements of ISO 14001


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