Industry’s First “ChiP” Fab

Power modules for artificial intelligence, electrified vehicles and advanced communications can be manufactured.


The first  ChiP (Converter housed in Package) fabrication facility opened on May 18th at 400 Federal Street, Andover. 

This mobile manufacturing facility enables scalable, automated, cost-effective manufacturing of power modules in the United States.

The new ChiP foundry was inaugrated by the employees of Vicor along with the senior management  joined by state and local government representatives. 

Mike McNamara, Vicor Vice President of Operations said, “Our new ChiP fab integrates all of the process steps necessary to manufacture high-density power modules in wafer-like panels with short cycle time and flexible capacity.”

Celebrating 41 years of its global power electronics industry, Vicor’s new facility utilizes patented fabrication processes to differentiate Vicor power modules.




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