Epson Launches Commmercial MiniLab Production Printer in India

  • Epson launched Surelab SL-D830 printer designed to target professional photographers
  • The company claims that the small product helps to fit in congested spaces
  • The product features wide range of media and formats

Epson today announced the launch of Epson SL-D830 commercial photo printer that supports a wide range of printing formats. The Epson SL-D830 printer supports glossy, lustre and paper-based matte and in roll widths that range from 89mm to 210mm and has a length of 50mm to 1000mm. The printing speed of the product is 360 (15 x 10cm) photos per hour (PPH) and high print quality, with a wide colour gamut, deep blacks and superior gloss level. The size of SL-D830 is 460*430*354mm The company claims that due to the compact size of the printer, it easily fits in most of the congested spaces and even on a table top.

The company claims that the Epson SL-D830 has been developed for photo studios, professional event photographers and others to expand their printing business, with a wider range of services for their customers. The product is built keeping in mind businesses that would like to print high-quality print jobs, on demand, on a wide range of media and formats.

“After the success of SureLab SL-D700 and based on customer demands, we have launched SureLab SL-D830. This new compact and durable commercial printer is an addition to our SureLab range and is built for speed, flexibility and high-quality commercial photo printing, SureLab D830 is highly suitable for photo studios and labs. It can be used to produce not just conventional photos but photo books, wedding albums, business cards, greeting cards, invitations, awards, menus, order forms, cards, and calendars and much more. This makes it a great choice for ambitious studio owners looking to take their business to the next level.” said Mr. Vasudevan L K, General Manager – LFP/IE, Epson India.

Extra Features

The company claims if the printer is connected with Epson’s proprietary SureLab OrderController software, customers can easily manage print jobs and correct minor image flaws. Also, when paired with the SureLab LayoutManager (optional add-on), the printers capabilities can be utilized to the maximum. Epson claims that OrderController also supports automated order input for the in-store kiosk.


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