Digi-Key Unveils eBook on Benefits of Implementing API Solutions

Digi-Key Shanghai Office
  • Digi-Key has also unveiled an ROI calculator to see the return on investment that implementing Application Programming Interface (APIs) can deliver
  • The company informed that both the tools are free to use

Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor, announced that it now offers a free eBook on the benefits of implementing Application Programming Interface (API) solutions, as well as a new ROI calculator to see the return on investment that implementing APIs can deliver.

“Speed and access to information and data are critical in all forms of electronic product design and procurement, and an organization’s time-to-market can mean the difference between successful and marginal product acceptance. Digi-Key’s API solutions provide a competitive advantage to customers by streamlining the purchasing process and enabling procurement, engineering and design teams to all receive critical real-time information on products they need at lightning speed because it’s automated through machine-to-machine connections,” said Nathan Pray, senior digital product owner for Digi-Key.

Connecting customers’ systems with the Digi-Key system

Digi-Key’s APIs, as the company informed, have long provided a complete digital platform for customers to automate and streamline procurement processes while providing real-time product information to procurement, engineering and design teams.

“Digi-Key’s APIs are free to use, and digitally connect customers’ systems with the Digi-Key system to provide automated, real-time product search, price and availability, quoting and ordering, barcode, product change notifications and more. Customers who have utilized Digi-Key’s API calculator have seen an average of $50,000 to $100,000 in cost savings by implementing API solutions.

The Digi-Key team informed that California, USA-based Sonic Manufacturing Technologies, has been able to automate 50 per cent of its purchasing activity without adding staff. Using Digi-Key’s APIs and cloud-based platform, Sonic’s cost to place an order (total landed cost), as per the company, was reduced from a previous $40 to a current $9.

“While not every company will achieve 60 per cent savings, even 20 to 30 per cent savings on procurement costs of $400,000 each year will result in significant savings,” read Digi-Key’s official statement


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