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The Top SMT Wave Soldering Systems Available In The Market


Wave soldering has been around a long time and is the primary method of soldering components to printed circuit boards. Here’s a list of the latest wave soldering systems available in India.

Earlier, printed circuit boards were larger and practically all of them were sparsely populated with through-hole components. This enabled an automated method to manufacture a huge number of boards extremely fast. PCB manufacturers basically use reflow for SMDs, wave soldering for through-hole components, or both for large scale board assembly. The method or methods most applicable depend on the PCB’s design. In the wave soldering process, the PCB is passed over a pan of molten solder in which a pump produces an upsurge of solder that looks like a standing wave, and hence the name. By looking at the advantages and disadvantages of wave soldering solutions, we can determine when to use them.

Now, let’s find out more about some of the top SMT wave soldering models available in the market today.

Model: Ersa POWERFLOW PRO; Manufacturer: Kurtz Ersa, Germany
Based on stable processes and reproducible parameters, Ersa wave soldering systems offer quality, cost, service and prompt delivery. Being a member of the POWERFLOW family, the Ersa POWERFLOW PRO is a high-performance, full tunnel wave soldering system with state-of-art nitrogen technology. The POWERFLOW PRO comes with a well-coordinated fluxer, preheater and soldering module. Thanks to the available spray fluxers with intelligent spray pattern programming, users benefit from low flux consumption and optimised processing speeds. On the preheating side, the POWERFLOW PRO offers convection heating as well as heating modules with medium and short-wave infrared emitters.

Key features:

  • The infrared emitters react dynamically and are therefore ideally suited for mixed production.
  • POWERFLOW PRO can be adapted to diverse product requirements while the length and output of the preheating section can also be retrofitted.
  • The user-friendly unit can be optimally adapted to the corresponding application by various combinations of the soldering nozzles.
  • The heart of the POWERFLOW PRO is the soldering module with its double wave soldering technology enabling long wetting times and high wave heights.

Contact: Bergen Associates Private Limited, bergengroupindia.com

Model: Vitronics Soltec Delta X; Manufacturer: Vitronics Soltec
The Vitronics Soltec Delta X has evolved from a long heritage of soldering machines with thousands in production worldwide. With technology driven features developed over generations, the Delta X is a reliable, dependable and cost-efficient wave soldering machine.

Key features:

  • Up to three products can be processed simultaneously for maximum throughput.
    Conveyor system–parallelism: A robust conveyor and chains keep the assembly interface with the wave equal and parallel.
  • Multiple lead-screws that are mechanically driven ensure parallel rails: Parallel to 1.0mm.
    Solderpot blocking system guarantees repeatable positioning.
  • A conveyor system ensures repeatable interfacing of the product to the solder waves.
    Thermal expansion systems on the entrance end allow for smooth operation.
    Fluxing unit: Pressure controlled flux supply with stepper motor for precise, repeatable flux application.
  • Preheater: Preheat configurations for process flexibility: IR calrod, quartz lamps and forced convection. Modules are easily exchangeable and configurable in the software.
  • Solderpot: Titanium one word components with unique dross management design.
    Heavy duty titanium fingers: Standard HD fingers dramatically reduce finger replacement.
  • The flexible chain allows for smooth interface and will not warp the assembly due to the thermal expansion.
  • Crash detection ensures proper loading and unloading of the PCB in the fingers.

Contact: Leaptech Corporation, www.leaptech.in

Model: WSM 300D wave soldering machine; Manufacturer: Estovir Technologies
This model is available as a lead-free version with a single or dual wave option. It comes with an independent controller and power efficient design. In addition, it is easy to maintain.

Key features:

  • 1200mm long, two-stage, programmable preheater with ceramic glass for high IR efficiency
  • Separate solder bath for SMT and lambda nozzle for better energy utilisation
  • Exhaust fan on solder bath
  • Cooling fan for PCB
  • Power supply of 440V AC, 50Hz 3-phase, and uses five wire system

Contact: www.estovirtechnologies.co

Model: ETA Acrab; Manufacturer: ETA
The ETA Acrab lead-free wave soldering machine has a good reputation among customers. Its heating performance and temperature control system meet the requirements of various welding processes. Its energy saving design is an important product advantage, helping to reduce operational costs for customers.

Key features:

  • Nozzle: Kuroda Seiko nozzles, adjustable atomising area, ensuring extended spraying time, uniformity and reliability.
  • Spray control: Computer controlled or manually adjustable switch to precisely control the spray time and spray speed make this an economical and environment-friendly product; spray options include digital flux flow and spray flow, while the angle, density, width and other parameters can be recorded.
  • Cleaning device: Automatic cleaning, modular design and easy maintenance.
  • Temperature protection: Third-party over-temperature protection, multiple protection layers to ensure safe operation.
  • Products comply with CE, CCC, UL and other standards and specifications.
    User-friendly design: Fault detection (such as abnormal heat alarm, etc), regular maintenance reminders, functions that ensure economical operations, emergency manual transmission function and tool-free maintenance, all of which reduce equipment failure rates.
  • Heating module: Horizontal reflow design ensures each heating zone is not influenced by the adjacent zones, resulting in an accurate temperature curve. This ensures high production capacity and heat exchange. The model’s high adaptive capacity meets the soldering requirements of automotive electronics, communications, electronics, computers and mobile phones, and other consumer electronics devices.

Contact: Juki, www.juki-smt.com

Model: Stallion 400FC; Manufacturer: EMS Technologies Pvt Ltd
This machine is the result of 25 years of experience in manufacturing wave soldering machines, backed by continuous in-house R&D. The Stallion 400FC caters to the high throughput requirements for bigger-sized PCBs (400mm width) used in various applications such as defence, aerospace, TVs and set-top boxes, as well as complex applications requiring multi-layer boards.

Key features:

  • Controlled by the Windows 10 operating system that provides a pull-down menu based on SCADA software.
  • Either board-based or time-based data logging traceability feature enables the user to select the important process parameter data that needs to be collected
  • Multi-level user access with password protection
  • Conveyor system for 400mm PCB width
  • Motorised conveyor width: Automatic/manual width adjustment with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Preheating length: 1800mm
  • Solder bath capacity: 350kg
  • Titanium fingers ensure long life
  • High power mechanical pump to meet 15mm wave height
  • Closed loop PID temperature controller
  • Top preheater option (for selected models, upon request)

Contact: EMS Technologies Pvt Ltd, www.ems-technologies.com



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