“We Wish To Assist India’s Manufacturing Journey By Cultivating Its Talents”


Combining manufacturing professionals, systems analysts, and software programmers to develop CNC-based software, Taiwan’s RenAn has come a long way since its inception. In a conversation with Amy Chen, International Sales Department, RenAn Information Technology, ElectronicsForYou delved into the company’s product offering, its India plans and its vision for the future.

Q. Since when has RenAn Information Technology been in business?

A. We started our business in 1987, and we are devoted to designing and developing software for CNC users.

Q. Can you share some details about its leadership team?

A. Our General Manager started from the manufacturing industry and has accumulated many years of technology as a foundation. With professional knowledge of CNC and the mission to fulfil customer needs, he has led the team to develop many products to meet the market demand.

Q. How do you define your product category(s) to customers?

A. Our products are under the category of CNC education and training software equipment.

Q. What are the latest offerings (products or solutions) that you are promoting to Indian customers? Can you share their highlights?

A. We provide a selection of CNC simulation workstations. They are designed to simulate actual CNC machines but with variations to fit the needs of customers. They are also equipped with special features, including modularized panels, code debugging assistance, cutting simulation, etc. to assist learners at different stages of learning.

Q. What is the USP (unique strength) of your products?

A. The 5-Ladder CNC Training Courses represents the uniqueness of our product. Each stage is matched with our own designed software, which is intuitive and easy to operate for beginners. Through tiered learning, learners can lay a good foundation and be more familiar with the operation. As a result, they may operate real machines without fear and confusion.

Q. Why do you think this product is the right match for the Indian market?

A. India has become an important manufacturing country with its recent boom in the manufacturing industry.

CNC is a very important foundation and the key to prosperity for the manufacturing industry. CNC technicians are the most scarce in the industry. Therefore, the training of CNC technicians is very important. RenAn can assist India by cultivating talents from the technical and vocational education system to provide a source of sufficient workforce for the industry.

Q. What percentage of your annual revenue is for exports (outside Taiwan & Mainland China)?

A. 40 per cent of our annual revenue is from exports.

Q. Can you share the number of countries you are exporting to? And the top 5 nations you export to?

A. By far, our products have been exported to 13 countries. The top five countries are Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and Turkey.

Q. Have you been doing business with India? How has your experience been?

A. Yes, we have been in business in India since 2016. We observed Indians are good at negotiating and are loyal to the brand. They want the most functional products but also at a good price.

Q. Are you also looking for agents (distributors, channel partners, etc) in India too?

A. Yes, we are still looking for distributors and partners in India.

Q. Those interested in being your agent—whom should they contact? What details should they provide?

A. They can contact Amy Chen, our International Sales Manager. They need to provide their basic company information, business scale, products already represented, and types of end customers they’ve reached.

Q. If looking for agents/partners in India—any specifications that you would like them to meet with, for them to apply as a partner to you?

A. For distributors, we would hope they have experience with the education business, such as schools and training centers. Also, it will be better if they have a mechanical background.

Q. Who are your ideal B2B customers? Can you share the names of some leading global or Indian customers too?

A. Ideal B2B customers should have school contacts and have cultivated in the education market. For example, Hero Motors, a major Indian motorcycle manufacturer, is one of our leading customers.

Q. Do you have plans to set up operations in India any time soon?

A. The operations have been continuous, and we hope to have more distributors to further promote our product to every educational institution in India and make RenAn’s products widely known.

Q. What is your target of growth in the near future and on a global operation where does India feature in your plans?

A. We hope our India turnover can reach USD 10,000 per month.

Q. Any special packages or offers planned for Indian agents or B2B customers?

A. The combination package of our shared panels will be sold on GeM in India. Those panels include Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubishi, and Heidenhain.



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