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With the era of automation upon us, Taiwan’s Systems & Technology Corp, Systech in short, aims to be a global leading provider of fleet management solutions​. Electronics For You spoke to Kevin Lee, Regional Account Manager for the Asian market, to know more about the company’s offerings and how it intends to emerge as a leader in the fleet management solutions market.

Q. Tell us a bit about Systech. How do you define your product category?

A. Systems & Technology Corp (Systech in short) was established in 1987 and has been operational since.

Systech is a proven market leader in Automatic Vehicle Locating (AVL) solutions and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Our products provide GPS vehicle tracking to optimize the companies’ benefit, along with personal tracking to secure the safety of loved ones or employees. With the innovative integration of the CAREU tracker series and Intelli FleetWeb tracking software, it enriches the functionality of GPS vehicle tracking and advances the capability of fleet management systems.


Q. What is the USP (unique strength) of your products?

A. Our products are high-quality that are manufactured in Taiwan. Moreover, we are also flexible for any customizations or integrations.

Q. Who are your ideal B2B customers?

A. We serve B2B customers like logistic companies, taxi companies, bus companies, manufacturers with their own fleets and so on.

Q. Can you share the number of countries you are exporting to? And the top 5 nations you export to?

A. We currently export to over 50 countries, some of which include the Middle East, Indonesia, USA, Mexico, and Zimbabwe.

Q. What percentage of your annual revenue is for exports (outside Taiwan & Mainland China)?

A. Exports make up 50% of our revenue.

Q. Have you been doing business with India? How has your experience been?

A. Yes, we began doing business in the country roughly 10 years ago. We have noticed that the Indian market is a really price-competitive market that mainly looks at the price but not services nor quality.

Q. Are there any latest offerings (products or solutions) that you are promoting to Indian customers?

A. There are no particular promotions going on right now. Promotions usually depend on the projects we are working on. So, we may promote different products or solutions at different times.

Q. Do you have plans to set up operations in India any time soon?

A. We do not really have a plan for setting our own operations in India. We are only focused on looking for B2B customers or local distributors for now.

Q. What is your target of growth in the near future and on a global operation where does India feature in your plans?

A. We aim at a 150% growth of our international market, and we hope India will take 10% of our growth.

Q. Besides B2B customers, are you also looking for Agents (distributors, channel partners, etc) in India too? Any specifications?

A. We are on the lookout for agents who can serve as distributors and channel partners, among other things. We prefer companies that have technical support teams to help local clients with troubleshooting.

Q. Those interested in being your agent—whom should they contact? What details should they provide?

A. We would need the following details from potential agents who are interested in partnering with us:
(a) What kind of market do they wish to explore?
(b) What kind of devices with what kind of features do they need?
(c) What’s the annual quantity of devices that they estimate to achieve?
(d) What kind of resources do they currently have, and what kind of support do they need?

If interested, please contact Emmy Hsu.
Email ID: [email protected]



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