Copper cables

TE Connectivity launched high-speed copper cable solutions...

Technological advancements make wires and cables more reliable and adaptable

Technological changes that are taking place in wires and cables fall into two categories—insulation and voltage grade. By offering better quality polymers and reducing thickness, the desired electrical and mechanical properties and higher voltage can be achieved

Leading wires and cables manufacturers

Owing to the high growth in the consumer electronics, automotive and telecom sectors, and with an encouraging power scenario in India, demand for wires and cables is growing rapidly. According to the Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA), the potential of the wire and cable industry will be worth US$ 158 billion by 2015. Wires and cables industry can be divided into four main segments—house wiring, low tension wires, high tension and extra high voltage wiring. Wires and cables find application in almost every sector, however, the major demand comes from the automotive sector, process industry, telecom and power sector, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies, public sector undertakings and utilities, railways and defence establishments.
Copper cables


With rapid technological innovations and changes in safety and quality standards in electrical, mechanical and electronics domains worldwide, cable and wire products have undergone tremendous change. To appreciate the role of domestic wires and cables manufacturers in keeping pace with global norms, Electronics Bazaar contacted a large number of industry experts and electronics associations, who shared with us their preferences. The result of which is an unbiased listing of leading wires and cables manufacturers in India. We are not ranking them but only listing them in alphabetical order

Wires and cables Quality over price: The tussle continues

Consumers have started appreciating good quality products. But small Indian manufacturers of electronic cables and wires in the unorganised sector easily overlook the quality standards, creating hurdles for buyers who prefer quality over price

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