In June 2011, Vishay Intertechnology expanded its range to launch TMBS Trench MOS barrier Schottky rectifiers with 12 new 45 V devices in three power package options that feature a wide range of current ratings from 10 A to 60 A.

Features and USP: With extremely low forward voltage drops down to 0.33 V at 10 A, the rectifiers are optimised for use in solar cell junction boxes as bypass diodes for protection. The devices include the dual chip V(B,F) T1045CBP, V(B,F) T2045CBP, V(B,F) T3045CBP, and V(B,F) T6045CBP. Each device is offered in the power TO-220AB, ITO-220AB and TO-263AB packages. All rectifiers feature a maximum operation junction temperature of 150°C and ≤ 200°C maximum junction temperature in DC forward current without reverse bias (t ≤ 1 hour). The devices are compliant with the RoHS directive 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC.

For further details:
Vishay Components India Pvt Ltd; Ph: 080 25586277; Fax: 080 25584291;

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