Rechargeable LED lantern


In December 2011, I4 Industries launched a rechargeable LED lantern, the I4SL03, which boasts of more than 95 per cent efficiency.

Features and USP: I4’s lantern uses one of the best high bright LEDs giving out 100 lumens/watt. The lantern is designed to give 360 degree light. It has the unique feature of using a single push button for switching it on and to control dimming. The lantern is powered by a 6V, 4.5Ah battery which gives 7-8 hours of backup and light equal to 7W CFL. It uses a unique charging technique to improve battery life and has over charge/under charge protection. The lantern also has the facility to charge mobile phones via USB.

For further details: Ph:080-65473515, 9743994473;


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