Mixed domain oscilloscopes


In August 2011, Tektronix introduced mixed domain oscilloscope (MDO) that delivers the functionality of an oscilloscope and a spectrum analyser in a single instrument.

Features and USP: The new MDO4000 mixed domain oscilloscope series gives engineers the unique ability to capture time correlated analogue, digital and RF signals for a complete system view. The MDO4000 goes well beyond typical spectrum analyser functionality by allowing users to capture time correlated signals across four analogue, 16 digital and 1 RF channel. The RF input frequency range extends up to 6 GHz, and provides a capture bandwidth of ≥ 1 GHz at all centre frequencies, 100 times wider than typical spectrum analysers.

For further details: Tektronix; Ph: 000-8006501835; india.mktg@tek.com; www.tek.com

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