Low power microcontrollers


In January 2012, Microchip launched the eXtreme Low Power (XLP) series of microcontrollers (MCUs), the PIC24F GA3.

Features and USP: The PIC24F GA3 devices feature 150 microamperes/MHz of active current, as well as six DMA channels, which allow a routine to be executed with less power consumption and increased throughput. The series showcases continual advances in Microchip’s XLP technology and adds a new low-power sleep mode with RAM retention down to 330 nA. Additionally, these are the first PIC MCUs with VBAT for the battery back-up of the on-chip real-time clock calendar. With these features, plus an integrated LCD driver and numerous other peripherals, the PIC24F GA3 devices enable more efficient, less expensive designs in the consumer, industrial, medical and metering markets, among others.

For further details: Microchip Technology (India) Pvt ltd; Ph: 011-51698632; www.microchip.com


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