Display backlight controller IC


In November 2011, STMicroelectronics revealed its latest innovation for cellular handsets and other portable electronics—a display backlight controller IC. Features and USP: The STLED25 simplifies design and occupies less PCB space by integrating control circuitry for up to 10 LEDs on a single chip. The STLED25 operates from 2.3V to 5.5V for use in battery-powered electronics, and enables driving and control of 5 branch channels via two independent control pins. The voltage conversion and current control circuitry operates efficiently whether driving the LEDs at maximum brightness or when dimmed, thereby helping to maximise battery life. In addition, the close matching of the current in each channel ensures consistent backlight brightness, contributing to a better user experience.

For further details: Puja Bhalla, puja.bhalla@st.com, 9810012851


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