Analogue to digital converters


In April 2012, Linear Technology Corporation introduced the LTC2389-18, the industry’s fastest 18 bit no cycle latency SAR ADC (analogue to digital converter).

Features and USP: The LTC2389-18 achieves unrivalled 99.8dB SNR and -116dB THD at sample rates of up to 2.5 Msps. Operating from a single 5V supply, the LTC2389-18 supports three-pin configurable analogue input ranges, easily interfacing to multiple signal chains with a single device. For the highest SNR performance, the LTC2389-18 can be configured for fully differential (±4.096V) inputs. The pseudo differential unipolar (0V to 4.096V) and bipolar (±2.048V) analogue input ranges enable lower power single ended drives and benefit from the reduction of unwanted signals common to both inputs. The LTC2389-18 is well suited for demanding designs that require maximum signal swings at low power levels in noisy industrial environments.

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