Analog Devices' dual axis accelerometer


In May, Analog Devices launched a dual axis accelerometer—the ADXL206 iMEMS—which can operate in high temperatures of up to +175º C

Features and USP: The accelerometer can measure acceleration with a full scale range of ±5 g with 1 mg resolution and a temperature range of -40ºC to +175ºC. This is a low power, dual axis iMEMS accelerometer with signal conditioned analogue voltage outputs. The ADXL206 is well suited for geological down hole tools and other extreme high temperature industrial applications. The ADXL206 iMEMS accelerometer has a typical noise floor of 110 μg/√Hz, allowing signals below 1 mg (0.06º of inclination) to be resolved in tilt sensing applications using narrow bandwidths (<60 Hz). Bandwidths of 0.5 Hz to 2.5 kHz can be selected to suit the application.

For further details: Analog Devices India Pvt Ltd, Ph: 91-80-43002000; Fax: 91-80-43002333;


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