upsINVERTER’s single inverter cards


In March 2011, upsINVERTER launched a three phase out DSP pure sine wave single inverter card for up to 10 kVA, which has all components, including IGBTs, inbuilt.

Features and USP: This single card, which is used in three phase inverters and online UPS systems of up to 10 kVA, has only a few external connections to be made. The new design is not only cost effective but also more reliable, as there are fewer components. The fewer wired connections make it robust because each elimination of component and inter-card connector also eliminates its associated failure rate by a few per cent. It takes less space in a three phase out online UPS system’s cabinet and, thus, reduces the size of the whole unit allowing end users to make the best use of costly commercial space.

For further details:; Ph: 9311190027,+91-9968309514, 9968309517, 9811106176, +91 11 65168534, 65805761; [email protected];



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