E Control Devices Introducing High Powered EV Fuses From Eaton


The electric vehicle industry is all set to see new heights in the coming time. The government and automotive manufacturers are pushing for new tech innovations to come up with a better and more sustainable alternative to transportation.

The EV automotive is powered by electricity and the battery is the primary power source that is charged through the charging connector and charging plug to enable this feature.

There are a lot of fuses and other components that are used in EVs. One of the main and most important components is high voltage fuses.

An essential function is enabled with the help of fuses. The power choice of electric vehicle fuses is required to protect against power surges and other faults.

Eaton has introduced their EVK series of high voltage fuses for high-powered electric vehicles.

It provides switching and protection of drive inverters and batteries along with protecting the DC auxiliary circuit protection.

One other unique feature is the onboard charging protection.

The Eaton EVK series fuses are specially designed by engineers to control and protect the charging systems of high performance electric vehicles.

The electric vehicle fuses from Eaton meet the requirement of current ratings up to 1000 VDC and 600 amperes.

The EVK series high voltage fuses deliver the right support to battery requirements and also make the automotive technology seem invincible with dense energy and solid-state batteries. 

The Eaton Bussmann EVK series electric vehicle fuses are produced in eight different sizes to deliver the right performance.

Also, the current rating is from 15 amperes to 600 amperes.

Such a vast range of the current rating helps to protect the battery. When the vehicle is in full capacity and the current is flowing through the system.

The EVK fuses are also able to dissipate the heat appropriately from such areas that are prone to overheating and related damages.

It is considered as one of the key benefits of Eaton fuses with such a high range of current.

The EVK series takes up only one-third of the old and traditional fuses. This offers benefits such as reducing weight and taking up less space. It provides short circuit protection for the conductors too.

E Control Devices is to provide electric vehicle fuses to the manufacturing companies to provide power management components and services. 

Being an authorized distribution and channel partner of Eaton, We are dedicated to bringing the vastness and ruggedness of the EVK series to the benefit of the EV sector.

We are providing the best and most reliable solution to the manufacturing companies for EVs.

We provide such solutions to our manufacturers and our clients that will help them bring innovative technology for the betterment of people and the planet alike. 

We take our responsibility to give back to society by accelerating the transition to sustainable and renewable energy.



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