Transtec Technical Roadshow sheds light on emerging trend of under-fill dispensing


To introduce the SMT industry of India with the new trends and evolutions in manufacturing process, Nordson ASYMTEK and in association with Transtechnology Pte Ltd organised the fourth and final phase of their Technical Roadshow 2017 in New Delhi.

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Talking to Electronics Bazaar , Shivakumar Nagrajan, a key speaker of the event and business development manager of Nordson Advanced Technology said that this is the first time the discussion was being held on the importance of underfill dispensing. “India traditionally has always been a conformal coating market but recently we saw some influence in underfill coming in.”, he said.

Commenting on this new trend,  Amit Madan, country manager, TransTechnology India Pvt Ltd said that this is happening mainly because SMT industry in India has started maturing. On asking about what values such events add to their business he said “For us such events are great networking and marketing opportunity.”

Talking about the pain areas that is restricting the growth of domestic Indian industry, Nagarajan pointed out that economies of scale and infrastructure are the main bottlenecks. “Today the support the government is planning to provide is probably not sufficient to have the required economies of scale….The the reason we are doing great in software because it doesn’t require any infrastructure. The moment you will have infrastructure as the key parameter for some industry, the growth becomes sluggish.” he further stated.


Nagarajan spoke about the key challenges in conformal coating process and recent development in under-fill dispensing in the first session of the show. He believes that due to vast of adoption of under-fill process in mobile and aerospace & defence industries in India, the sale of under-fill dispensing machine will quickly match up with the sale of conformal coating machine in coming years. He also added that a lot of change would happen in the ecosystem when the amount of manufacturing in terms of processes will increase here in the country.



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