Techmart India 2011 promotes low cost technologies


By Nitasha Chawla

Union Minister for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Virbhadra Singh, inaugurating the MSME Expo 2011, in New Delhi

On November 15, 2011, Virbhadra Singh, Minister for MSMEs, inaugurated the Techmart Pavilion at the India International Trade Fair (IITF) held in New Delhi. The National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC), under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), organised Techmart India 2011 to provide MSMEs an opportunity to explore new markets and to expose them to new technological developments.

This year, the theme for Techmart was ‘Technology and Innovation in the MSME sector’. Inaugurating the exhibition, the minister said that NSIC, through Techmart India, is providing low cost technologies for micro and small enterprises. “Techmart acts as a perfect vehicle for MSMEs to network, establish new business contacts, renew old contacts to explore new market opportunities and to improve market access in India and abroad,” the minister said.

Highlights of the theme pavilion

The theme pavilion showcased the various initiatives and achievements of the ministry, which have benefited the MSME sector in the field of technology upgradation and innovation. Various products designed under the ministry’s new initiative, the Design Clinic Scheme, were on display for entrepreneurs. Under this scheme, 33 design projects have been approved, which have resulted in the launch of new products in sectors like consumer appliances, medical equipment, electronics items, etc. However, the government has a more ambitious target of ensuring at least 300 MSMEs using design interventions to come up with new products. The scheme’s objective is to bring MSMEs and the design fraternity together in order to assist the former in adding value to their products.

“Every year, we display new technologies at Techmart that can benefit MSMEs. Some of the new technologies on display this year have been used in IT related services, in the food processing sector, in construction projects and in light engineering,” said HP Kumar, CMD, NSIC.

The pavilion also highlighted the ministry’s achievements in design and development in key sectors. The strategic parts and components developed by various tool rooms of the ministry were also on display. These included components for aviation, aerospace, defence, sports goods, plastic components, hand tools and other innovative MSME products.

Benefits offered by NSIC

The terms and conditions to participate in this fair are available on NSIC’s website along with the application forms. This year, Techmart facilitated subsidised stalls for 90 MSME entrepreneurs to exhibit their products. Special category entrepreneurs have been encouraged through enhanced subsidies.

“We have got a good exposure at Techmart. Many people visited us and we hope to generate good business. It is a good platform for us as it helps us in branding, sales and building our clientele,” said Chetanya Sahu, executive director, ThinnkWare.

More than 200 participants from all over India participated in this fair, including 30 delegations from African countries.


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