Subsidy on solar and clean energy sought


The Engineering Staff College of India (ESCI) has urged the central government to provide subsidy on solar and clean energy.

“Based on the discussions and outcome of the three-day International Conclave and Exhibition on Climate Change (ICCC-2011), we have come up with various recommendations and one of them is to ask the government to provide subsidy on solar energy and clean energy,” Shalini Sharma, head, Centre for Climate Change at ESCI said giving her concluding speech on the last day of ICCC.

Another major proposal is to create energy from sewerage. Corporate houses are encouraged to adopt the vulnerable villages or ecosystem and protect it from degradation. Apart from CSR (corporate social responsibility), ISR (individual social responsibility) was also recommended for practice by individuality, she said.

At the international level, south-south cooperation needed to be enhanced for combating climate change, capacity building, climate change education, youth education and general exchange of knowledge, Sharma said.



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