Solar cells to power soldiers


Infantry soldiers are increasingly being equipped with electronic devices to enhance their close-combat tactical awareness. Currently soldiers are dependent on electrical power provided by a conventional battery to power these devices. Each battery has a different endurance and reliability level and each rechargeable type requires its own kit, compounding the bulk and weight that needs to be carried. The Australian National University (ANU) for Sustainable Energy Systems has developed some tough, lightweight solar panels all set to radically change the combat process. Wearable light-weight solar panels have been formulated as part of a $2.3 The Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council said information and communication technology (ICT) export for the current fiscal is projected at 15 per cent at $75 billion. In 2010-11, export of software and electronic hardware from India was $65.28 billion and in the current fiscal $75 billion. Software and services export is expected to be $64 billion, growing at 10 per cent, while electronics hardware would grow by 30 per cent to $10 billion in the current fiscal.


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