SIPLACE establishes ASM Assembly Systems India Private Limited


ASM Assembly Systems India Pvt Ltd  commenced its operations from April 1, 2012 with offices in Bengaluru and New Delhi. With this new legal entity, the SIPLACE team is well positioned to address the Indian SMT market.

The new company demonstrates ASM Assembly Systems’ commitment to the Indian market. SIPLACE is looking forward to serving the geographically very large Indian
market via both direct sales and agents in order to give customers easy access to SIPLACE solutions. In addition, SIPLACE aims to improve its customer service by having head and feeder repair capabilities directly at the local office, resulting in faster response times.

During its ten year presence in India, SIPLACE has witnessed lots of development and plenty of changes in manufacturing trends. Based on this experience, SIPLACE clearly understands the challenges faced by manufacturers in an emerging market like India.

SIPLACE is known by its customers all over the world as a very reliable long term technology partner. Based on this position, the SIPLACE team can offer flexible and
innovative SIPLACE solutions in order to ensure that manufacturers have the capability to produce high quality products at high efficiency.
Jack Chua, chief executive officer, ASM Assembly Systems Singapore Pte Ltd, explains, “India is an important emerging market for SIPLACE, and we are definitely
devoted to optimising our presence and services to cater to the manufacturing needs of our existing and potential customers.”

ASM Assembly Systems India Pvt Ltd, adds, “We are delighted about the establishment of the new company, because it shows ASM Assembly Systems’ determination to be the number one electronics supplier to the manufacturers in India. It also shows SIPLACE’s commitment to our customers to be the long term partner in manufacturing.”


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