Shunt resistors


In February 2012, Vishay Intertechnology Inc launched a new power metal strip meter shunt resistor.

Features and USP: The product combines a 3 W power capability in the 3124 size package with extremely low resistance values down to 100 µΩ. The WSMS3124 allows placement of an electron-beam welded shunt in electrical watt meters. The design also incorporates a physical shape that results in very low TC characteristics (down to 75 ppm/°C).

The WSMS3124 meter shunt resistor features a proprietary processing technique that produces extremely low resistance values from 100 µΩ to 750 µΩ. These values allow for increased accuracy in current meter shunt applications for industrial and consumer single or multiphase energy meters. With a tolerance of 5.0 per cent, the new resistor provides power companies with more accurate data to determine customer usage and to adjust billing terms.

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