Sector skill council for electronics sector to be setup


ISA and ELCINA have collaborated to put together a proposal on the formation of the Electronics Sector Skills Council (ESSC). It would have industry bodies like, CEAMA (Consumer Electronics and Appliances Manufacturers Association), ELCINA (Electronic Component Industries Association of India), IPCA (Indian Printed Circuit Association), ISA (India Semiconductor Association) and MAIT (Manufacturer’s Association of Information Technology) as its main promoters. NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) is to take a 26 per cent share in ESSC and a position on board of directors.

To achieve the skills development objectives, the ESSC would primarily engage in three main activities, Accreditation and affiliation of its implementation partners, certification for qualified workforce and training of trainers. It is proposed that the ESSC will address electronics manufacturing, semiconductor design technology, solar photovoltaic and strategic electronics (aerospace, defence and security) verticals of the electronics industry for skill development as it meets the needs of the electronics sector across the participating industry bodies, in both design and manufacturing.



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