Ruchi Telecom's LED streetlight retrofit


In February 2011, Ruchi Telecom has launched a streetlight retrofit, which can replace luminaire in existing fixtures, to save capital as well as installation cost.

Features and USP: The product can be used to replace all kinds of bulbs like CFL, HPSV, metal halide, etc, in existing installed fixtures ranging from 50 W to 250 W, with a power saving factor of three to four times. Bulbs are available in E27, E40 and B22 holders to plug in all existing sockets. The main advantages of these streetlight is that it has a long life of nearly 10 years. It can save more than 90 per cent power consumption (6 W LED provides 100 W bulb light or more) and has optically engineered light for better distribution, which make less lumen to spread more and has wide working voltage range (90 V to 275 V). It can be used for immediate lighting without pre-heating.

For further details: Ruchi Telecom Pvt Ltd, F-81, Khanpur Extension, Near Khanpur DTC Depot, New Delhi; Ph: 91-9810131125; Email: [email protected], [email protected]; Website:



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