Here are some of the latest launches in connectors, which were introduced in the last six months


Circular high density connectors

In April 2012, TE Connectivity introduced its new circular high density (HD) connector product line for rugged non-Mil Spec applications.


Features and USP: The circular HD connector family offers more than 400 options in a wide range of cable and panel mounting options, shell sizes, insert configurations and gender options.

Offering the ease of push to latch and pull to unlatch mating, the small, high density connectors have the advantage of blind mating into small spaces that may normally require clearance for hand tightening to mate. They are ideal for military and commercial use, including in radio equipment, medical equipment, test equipment, audio and video equipment, data acquisition and industrial controls.

The product line also includes a full complement of well engineered cable shrink boots for straight and R/A exit applications, sealing/dust caps, and shrink tubing and solder sleeves.

For further details: Arrow Electronics India Pvt Ltd (distributor for TE connectivity); Ph: +91 80 4135 3800; [email protected]


PCB connectors

In April 2012, Phoenix Contact launched the PC 35, a printed circuit board connector.

Features and USP: It has a current carrying capacity of up to 125 A. This makes it the only printed circuit board connector in the market capable of transferring such a high current. Thanks to its low insertion and withdrawal forces, device connections can be very easily established even in the high performance class. With a screw terminal block, conductors of up to 35 mm² can be safely connected using the tension sleeve principle. The 2 to 6 position connectors are always equipped with a screw flange that safely connects the connector to the base strip. It can also be used simultaneously as a panel feed-through on the base strip side, thus providing additional support in the device.

For further details: Ph: +91 11 30262800; Fax: +91 11 26383285; [email protected]



QSFP+ and mini SAS HD connectors and cages

In June 2012, Amphenol Corporation launched a suite of 48.0 GBps QDR optimised connectors, cages and cage/connector combo products.

Features and USP: These next generation interconnects are offered in a variety of configurations including QSFP+ cages and connectors, as well as Mini-SAS HD connector-cage combos. This range represents the emerging nexus of hardware interface standards capable of aggregate signalling rates of 48.0 GBps or greater.

The first QDR (quad data rate) interconnect platform consists of a new series of ExpressPort QSFP+ connectors and cages. These have a press fit cage assembly and an accompanying 38 position 0.8 mm pitch connector. The QSFP+ interconnect platform meets or exceeds the latest QSFP transceiver specifications per SFF-8436. The second QDR interconnect platform includes the Mini-SAS HD connector and cage combo. The Mini-SAS HD interconnect system comprises a 36 position, 2 row, press fit connector, and a stamped and formed cage assembly as one unit [connector/cage combo] complying with the latest SFF-8644 specifications.

For further details: Ph: +91 20 30688304; Fax: +91 20 30688321;


SMT connectors

In May 2012, Harting launched a range of straight D-Sub SMT connectors to complement its established angled product line.

Features and USP: Available with 9-37 stamped contacts, the D-Sub SMT connectors come in two varieties: one for standard applications with flat, solderable pads to withstand plug-in and withdrawal forces, and the other for more demanding requirements with solderable assembly pin and flat pads. A black insulator, designed for optimised camera detection, includes two positioning pegs for pick and place process reliability. Units are supplied with M3 and 4-40 UNC threaded inserts and fixed female screw locks.

For further details: Ph: +91 44 43560415/416; Fax: +91 44 435604;


Mini D SCSI connectors

In March 2012, Rank Infotech launched the Mini D SCSI Centronics connectors.

Features and USP: The Mini D SCSI Centronics connectors are half pitch interconnect systems designed to meet the needs of high speed, high density, input/output applications. They function excellently with high density I/O. The connectors are used widely in cameras, printers and Low Voltage Differential Signalling (LVDS) applications. The company also launched the RJ45 waterproof connectors and the SIM+SD two in one connectors in the same month.

For further details: Ph: 23896060/61/62; Fax: 66338577; [email protected]



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