Intel Calls For €8 Billion In Subsidies To Build Chip Plant In Europe


Gelsinger said Germany would be a suitable location for a potential European foundry

Intel, Digital India

Amid a global crisis for semiconductor chips, Intel is now looking for public subsidies worth €8 billion to build a chip factory in Europe. This comes as the EU’s plans to reduce its reliance on imports. 

According to Reuters, the pitch is the first time CEO Pat Gelsinger has publicly put a figure on how much state he would want, as Intel pursues a multibillion-dollar drive to take on Asian rivals in contract manufacturing.

In an interview with Politico Europe, Gelsinger told, “What we’re asking from both the U.S. and the European governments is to make it competitive for us to do it here compared to in Asia.” 

Germany as a potential location

In a recent meeting with European Commissioner Thierry Breton for talks on semiconductor strategy, Gelsinger discussed his plans.  

European Commissioner Thierry Breton is gearing up to attract a major foreign chipmaker into the region to take forward his vision of making the EU capable to produce its own chips, which has unnerved home-grown players. Breton is also reportedly discussing the creation of a European semiconductor alliance that would bundle their interests.

Gelsinger is also reportedly prospecting for a location for a plant in Europe that he says would back Breton’s goal of doubling the region’s share of global chip output to 20 per cent over the next decade.

In a series of tweets, Breton said, “To meet current & future semiconductor industry demand, Europe will drastically increase production capacity – both on its own and through selected partnerships to ensure the security of supply.” 

Gelsinger additionally said Germany would be a suitable location for a potential European foundry.

“We think of Germany as a good candidate – not the only, but a good candidate – for where we might build our fabrication capabilities,” he said, also indicating interest in the Benelux countries,” he said in an interview. 


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