India’s largest 600 MW solar power launched at Charanka


Chief minister Narendra Modi, recently dedicated to the nation over 600 MW of solar power generation capacity, and described it as an important step towards providing energy security to future generations, according to a DNA report.

The Solar Park at Charanka, where 214 MW power generation capacity has come up, was also dedicated. The solar projects, which have come up in several districts, would cumulatively generate over 1,000 Million Units (MUs) of power every year. At the current cost of Rs15 per unit, this would translate into revenues of Rs1,500 crore per annum for the project developers.

Speaking after dedicating the Solar Park, Modi said that solar power cost has come down from Rs15 per unit to Rs8.50 per unit since the state chalked out plans to tap solar energy. “We are confident that cost of solar power will come down further. The day is not far when solar power will cost the same as power generated using coal or gas,” he said.



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