India to boost electronics manufacturing brand


India has lived up to its tag of being the software industry leader, with Bengaluru at its helm. However, the time has come to build its brand across electronics product manufacturing as well. According to a report from India Semiconductor Association (ISA), the demand for electronics hardware in India is set to grow from US$ 45 billion in 2009 to US$ 400 billion by 2020. It is widely believed that electronic systems design and manufacturing can propel the country towards global leadership. Now, the time has come to demonstrate India’s leadership position by building its own capabilities in IC design, IC fabrication and design, and in manufacturing electronics products. Currently, over US$ 2 billion worth of chip designs are being exported from India—an output developed by nearly 20,000 Indian professionals. Most multinational semiconductor fabrication companies have also set up their R&D and design centres in India.



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