Global semiconductors market to reach US$ 372.2 billion by 2015


Global Industry Analysts (GIA) announced the release of a comprehensive global outlook on the Semiconductors Industry recently. According to the report, global semiconductors market over the next few years will be primarily driven by growing demand for consumer electronics, such as, smartphones, and personal computers, particularly notebooks and tablet PCs.

The semiconductor industry continues to become more and more intricate and dynamic due to ever-changing technology trends in the electronics sector. Increase in demand for ASICs and NAND flash memory devices as a result of growing adoption of tablet PCs and smartphones, and increase in DRAM market in line with resurgence in demand for PCs will continue to induce strong demand for semiconductors. Future growth in the semiconductors market, as recent trends indicate, will be driven by mobile and wireless segments, led by huge demand and widespread proliferation of devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, GPS enabled devices, handheld video game players, solid state drives and e-book readers. Emerging opportunities from automotive electronics segment will only add to the demand for semiconductors over the next few years.

The research report titled ‘Semiconductors: A Global Outlook’ provides a collection of statistical anecdotes, market briefs, and concise summaries of research findings. The report offers a rudimentary overview of the industry, highlights latest trends and demand drivers, in addition to providing statistical insights. Regional markets briefly abstracted and covered include United States, Canada Europe (Germany, UK, and Italy), Asia Pacific (Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, India, and South Korea) and Latin America (Brazil). The report includes a compilation of recent mergers, acquisitions, and strategic corporate developments.



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