Filter and decoupling capacitors


In July this year, element14 (formerly Farnell) introduced the Johanson Technology and Johanson Dielectrics high frequency ceramic and capacitor solutions in Asia Pacific.

Features and USP: The X2Y filter and decoupling capacitors series is designed to prevent energy inference among the multitude of sub-systems within electronics systems. The compact capacitors allow engineers to maximise their broad space and reduce assembly costs with superior EMI suppression or decoupling functions, without the need for multiple components. These capacitors employ a unique, patented, low inductance design featuring two balanced capacitors that are immune to temperature, voltage and aging-related performance differences. These features provide unprecedented durability of the components, leading to improved life-spans of the end products. The X2Y capacitors are versatile and have a broad variety of applications, including amplifier filters and decoupling, high speed data filtering, EMC I/O filtering, as well as DDR memory decoupling, offering engineers across different sectors unparalleled flexibility.

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