element14 triples its inventory of Texas Instruments products in Asia Pacific


element14 (formerly Farnell), the first electronic component distributor that fuses commerce and community, announced it has tripled its inventory of Texas Instruments products. element14 will provide the widest range of products, such as LED drivers, operational amplifiers, and power, to facilitate the growth of emerging technologies in Asia Pacific. This latest addition marks another milestone in the partnership between element14 and Texas Instruments, giving electronic and maintenance engineers in the region a huge boost towards more energy efficient lighting solutions.

LED technology is steadily gaining more importance from various electronic sectors, as industries and end-users focus more on energy efficient lighting solutions. According to a Gartner forecast in 2010, LEDs are likely to experience 30 percent compound annual growth through 2014. Asian countries like Singapore have already initiated trials which, if successful, will pave the way to mass LED adoption. This trend is set to drive the demand for LEDs in Asia to new heights with lighting engineers continuously sourcing reliable and innovative solutions to help them overcome the evolving challenges in the region.

element14 offers Texas Instruments products via multiple channels with no minimum quantity and next day delivery to most destinations in Asia Pacific.

“As Asia Pacific is the largest global manufacturing hub, there is a growing interest and trend towards green lighting. This increased interest is set to have a resounding impact on engineers’ demand for high performance and reliable components,” said Marc Grange, Head of Product Management, element14, Asia Pacific. “Our strategic alliance with Texas Instruments will be instrumental in helping engineers overcome any challenges they face. In addition, our element14 online community also provides a comprehensive resource of technical information and access to design software, enabling engineers to optimise their designs and improve time to market.”


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