Electronics Bazaar unveils top CCTV camera brands available in India


Even though India is a huge potential market for CCTV cameras, it is still dominated by imported and cheap Chinese models. The MNC giants, backed by their strong brand names established over decades, also hold a good share of the market. In this competitive scenario, a handful of indigenous manufacturers that India can boast of are struggling to survive. They not only have to compete with the big and established brands, but also with the cheap Chinese products.

Electronics Bazaar conducted a survey in April 2013 to ascertain the top CCTV camera brands available in India. We ranked the companies based on their India revenue figures. Besides ranking the companies, we also did a survey among the distributors of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata, to gauge the popularity of the CCTV brands available in India. The popularity of brands in tier I and II cities differ from those in the metros due to the affordibility factor of the buyers.

We found that a company like LG that scored a top rank, revenue wise, was less popular as a brand among the end users. On the other hand, despite Sony being the first preference of a majority of the end users, due to its high-priced products, buyers settle for a different brand at a lower price.

Another observation was that the popularity of brands differs from region to region. Some North Indian brands are not known in South India and vice versa.


Some Indian brands like Sparsh need special mention because of their indigenous manufacturing. But these companies are getting lost among the hundreds of brands and cheap imported products available in India today.

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