Delhi rickshaws to go green with Soleckshaws


Solar powered auto rickshaws will now be seen on the streets of Delhi. After solar and electric cars grabbing the limelight it is now the turn of solar powered auto rickshaws appropriately nicknamed ‘Soleckshaws’, according to a report by Rush Lane. These have been designed and developed by Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute in a conjuncture with Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.

Designs are in final stages of approval and rickshaw powered by solar power will be available in three variants of maximum speed limits of 25 km per hour. The variants will cost Rs 85, 000 for plastic frame with enhanced battery life, Rs 75,000 for a simple plastic frame while the cheapest model will cost Rs 45,000 for a metal body.

Initially about 1000 such solar powered rickshaws will be introduced in the capital by June 2012 in a trial basis while authorities expect at least 10000 such vehicles to be introduced in the final stage. These rickshaws will ply on selected routes and can be used for transportation to schools, colleges and other historical places in and around the city. A subsidy is being proposed on these solar powered rickshaws and the government has already approved a road tax refund and VAT exemption on the base price of these Soleckshaws which should be a major attraction to ensure that these vehicles are a success.



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