Cyber Security Entities Collaborate to Secure IoT Future


Cybersecurity firms, DigiCert, ISARA and Gemalto have joined hands to provide a safe IoT environment through digital certification in the future

DigiCert and ISARA Corp., an encryption and digital security entities respectively, have collaborated to work on advanced quantum-safe digital certificates and secure Internet of Things’ (IoT) management. The two companies have partnered to solve issues related to IoT in the future and to prevent security threats by quantum computers.

Deepika Chauhan, executive vice president of emerging markets, DigiCert, said that the duo, along with Gemalto, a digital security firm, would work towards ensuring the safety of connected devices in about 20 years from now. IoT, that is slated to serve in the automobiles, industrial control systems, medical devices, nuclear power plants and other critical infrastructure section must be defended from the probable threats posed by quantum computers.

Partnership benefits

Security firms can reap the benefits of this collaboration that have been eyeing to protect connected devices with longer lifespans. They can also avoid the extra cost of adding security systems later when quantum computing becomes prominent.

DigiCert can issue digital certificates or quantum-proof certificates for public trust and private-public key infrastructure (PKI) systems to validate and encrypt connected devices. Firms, in turn, can implement these solutions at any level. The collaborative measures of the three companies – DigiCert, ISARA and Gemalto will enable quantum-resistant certificates with full security. It will support organisations to secure IoT from the potential threats of quantum computation.

The cybersecurity group has further partnered with organisations to address security threats in the present to aid IoT manufacturers and users in the future. Certificates obtained through the partnership will be quantum-safe cryptography enabled, eventually leading to quantum computing threatening connected device security.

Future of IoT

Scott Totzke, CEO & Co-founder at ISARA, informed that quantum computing would scale up in the next 8-10 years, thereby posing the security threat in the future. The collaboration’s aim is to ensure a basic element of security by embedding quantum-safe cryptography. The firms can then prepare to face the challenge in advance to protect confidentiality.

Todd Moore, Senior Vice President for Encryption Products, Gemalto, believes that its SafeNet Hardware Security Modules will secure the most sensitive data and applications and protect digital transactions across the world. These modules by combining with DigiCert APIs will enable large-scale, automated credential issuing for IoT.


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