BMW EVs To Use Molex’s Customised Cell Contacting System

Molex Volfinity Cell Contacting System will be used in BMW EVs
  • Cell contacting systems (CCS) connect the individual battery cells to the control board in an electric vehicle battery module. 
  • Molex’s Volfinity CCS relays temperature, voltage, and current data to the central BMS in the EV.

Luxury automaker BMW Group has partnered with connectivity and electronics solutions provider, Molex, to supply a customised Volfinity cell contacting system (CCS) for its electric vehicles (EV).

The Volfinity system, which has been under development since 2018, is an interface solution for connecting cells to the control board in an EV battery module. The system eliminates the need for daisy-chained wires and enables integrated cell sensing features, monitoring, balancing, and temperature measurement functions meeting functional safety requirements.

EVs are transforming into complex, high-voltage power systems requiring a smaller, lighter, more energy-efficient power electronics system that can distribute power from the battery pack at the heart of the EV and replenish it quickly and safely. So automakers are looking at constructing interconnects to physically connect cells in the battery to each other, to the control units and to other systems in the EV.

The Volfinity system uses Molex’s FPC connectors to relay temperature, voltage, and current data to the central BMS in the EV, while the copper busbars inside Volfinity form the +ve and -ve poles of the battery module. Developed in collaboration with plug-in hybrid EV and full-electric EV makers, energy-storage companies, and battery-cell and battery-pack suppliers, Molex said Volfinity offers a high-reliability interface solution.

BMW will leverage Molex’s power, signal development, manufacturing network, and global procurement and sourcing capabilities in Europe, Asia, and North America. The product was developed by Molex’s global teams located in Singapore, China, and Germany.



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