BCIC To Help BESCOM In Setting Up EV Charging Points In Bengaluru


BCIC to join hands with BESCOM for setting up of EV charging points in Bengaluru and boost EV adoption rate in the city. 

EV charging points
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A BCIC team led by its president Kishore Alva met Bescom MD C.Shikha and made the proposal. Alva in a recent BCIC press release has stated that considering the increasing pollution levels, BCIC has proposed to partner with BESCOM to establish more electric vehicle charging points in Bengaluru, reported Economic Times.

He further stated that the formalities can be worked out with BESCOM to jointly set up EV charging points so that more users can shift towards promoting green technology in Bengaluru and also boost electric vehicle adoption at a faster rate.

Bescom is now looking at installing EV fast charging points at 83 locations across the city. These points will come up at a distance of 3 kilometres from each other in locations like BBMP parking lots, metro stations and other public spaces where vehicles can park and recharge their batteries. 


During the meeting, BCIC president also discussed on power situation concerning industrial growth in the state and how BCIC can actively partner with the government in providing uninterrupted power supply to both domestic and commercial users in the state. 



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