Asia to dominate global CCTV market


According to a research report ‘Global CCTV Market Analysis (2008-2012)’, Asia is projected to represent the world’s largest CCTV market, constituting around 48 per cent of the global CCTV market at the end of this year, followed by Americas and Europe. As per the analysis, rising security concerns and economic growth in numerous Asian countries (China, India, Singapore, and Taiwan) are driving the region’s CCTV surveillance market. Many of the Asian countries are experiencing change in social hierarchy due to an increase in the number of working parents and increase in the number of nuclear families, which is further contributing to the increased security needs in these countries.

Governments in the Asian countries are also taking security far more seriously, recognising the potential damage that terrorist attacks can cause to businesses, tourism, and foreign investments. The four key areas where security systems play a key role are residential security, public place security, workplace security, and security of supply chains. Various security system products, like RFID, biometrics, smart cards and video surveillance are currently available in the Asian market. Moreover, due to the reduction in prices of video cameras, the overall cost of CCTV based security system packages is decreasing in Asia, making them more competitive in the security systems market.contributing to the increased security needs in these countries.


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