Cortec Acquires Singapore Subsidiary from Joint Venture Partner

Cortec SEA team; Credit: Cortec Corporation

Cortec Corporation has offices in the US, Canada and Europe, apart from Singapore.

Cortec Corporation attained complete ownership of its Singapore subsidiary, Cortec Southeast Asia (SEA) Technologies Pvt Ltd from a joint venture partner.

Incorporated in 2019, CSEA has been a distribution hub for Cortec products and services in Southeast Asia, serving the markets of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, and Indonesia. The company stated that the CSEA acquisition will take that tradition to a new level of real-time product and service responsiveness when the transition is complete.

In December 2019, Cortec SEA partnered with Philadelphia-based BDP International, a global provider of integrated supply chain, transportation and logistics solutions, to support the distribution of the former’s corrosion solutions in Southeast Asia. Company officials had then termed the venture as a “strong partnership to support the growth and delivery of mega projects in Southeast Asia.”

The corrosion-protective solutions provider and distributor added that the full transition would be completed in the upcoming months when improved inventory responsiveness will equip CSEA for better customer service and an expanded presence in the Southeast Asia region. The company stated that post the transition, the support team of its Singapore subsidiary would continue with its regular operations.

Regarding the event, Cortec CEO and founder, Boris Miksic, stated, “Acquisition of Cortec SEA in Singapore is an important step forward for our group by expanding logistics and technical support to the distribution network in Asia and Australia.” Miksic founded Cortec 45 years ago at his home in Minnesota. Currently, the company has offices based in the US, Canada, Europe, and Singapore.

The Saint Paul, Minnesota-based company manufactures and distributes corrosion protection solutions. It offers vapour phase and migrating corrosion inhibitors, inhibiting additives, fluids, adhesives, plastics, and metalworking, concrete protection, packaging, powder, enhanced lubricant, surface preparation, water treatment, and coating products.



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