Off-grid solar can meet India’s power demand


off-grid, solar
According to a private sector industry leader, The slow pace of capacity addition in the solar sector has created room for a variety of off-grid solar solutions to grow and provide electricity to those as yet not connected to the power grid.

As per the report published in The Hindu, Off-grid solar is increasingly being viewed as the way to bring sustainable and cheap lighting to the vast segments of India that are yet to be connected to the electricity grid, especially in difficult terrain.

The coming together of various factors, both external and domestic, has meant that there are several types of household solar products entering the market, ranging from simple solar lanterns powered by in-built solar panels, to entire solar invertors that use rooftop solar panels.

These off-grid solar solutions, apart from helping the government meet its renewable energy target, also provide economical savings — both to the government and the consumer.
However, despite some cost factors easing in the off-grid solar industry, others still pinch, leading to economic activity that could have taken place in India moving to China instead.



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