LED commercial lights: With advance of technology, LED products are becoming innovative


Light emitting diode (LED) lighting fixtures usually have higher luminance and yet consume less energy, thus inspiring manufacturers of many commercial and industrial applications to switch to these. Companies that currently use this technology report that they consume approximately 48 per cent less energy than when they used conventional lighting technology. LED technology is, therefore, being constantly upgraded to meet the requirements of newer applications. To cope with this demand, new LED lighting products are also being manufactured and are flooding the market. Since the pace of technology development is so fast in the LED space, enabling it to cater to newer applications, an LED lighting product that is new today could be outdated the next month. So it is difficult to say what’s new in the market ‘today’.

By Srabani Sen

Philips’ office lighting solution

Wednesday, JUne 13, 2012: What’s new in the market

Different types of LED lighting products are available in the market, ranging from retrofitted bulbs, tubelights, flexible and rigid strip lights, to a number of downlights and spotlights. The range is so varied, that a buyer can easily get confused. So it is better that you first assess your requirements and do some research before going out into the market. While there are products from reputed brands, there are also unbranded products from local manufacturers and imports from China, Taiwan and

Sujana’s LED downlight

other countries. So buyers need to have some basic knowledge about the technology and about the credibility of the players in the

Avni’s LED downlight


Rabyte Electronics offers a single window solution to LED lighting customers with its varied range of electronic components and solutions, which includes LEDs, LED lens, LED driver ICs, microcontroller based driver/charger solutions for LED lighting, etc. “We have a technical team to support customers with design and development. We also provide customised solutions for LED drivers/chargers for various applications including LED downlight, tubelight, MR16, RGB lighting, etc,” informs Rajiv Batra, managing director, Rabyte Electronics.

Candela’s LED downlight

The largest distributor of Osram LEDs for general lighting in India, Rabyte Electronics offers Oslon Square, high power LEDs for

Hanz Lite’s LED track light

indoor and outdoor LED lightings. “Oslon Square LED is very compact with a maximum driving current of 1.5 A and a broad range of colour temperatures and colour rendering indexes,” says Rajiv Batra.

Osram’s Oslon SSL-1W high power LEDs come with sophisticated radiation patterns (80° or 150°), and are available in different colour temperatures from 2700 to 6500 K and RGB colours. Osram’s Duris series LEDs (Duris E 3, Duris E 5) are low and mid-power LEDs, which are ideal for lighting applications requiring a homogeneous distributed light source, like bulb retrofits and light guide

Glacialtech’s LED light

applications. “The combination of a small/medium lumen package, a wide beam angle and a compact footprint is perfect for uniform light distribution, which is taken care of by the Duris LEDs,” states Rajiv Batra.

Rabyte also offers Osram’s Soleriq E LED for downlights with high performance requirements. This is a chip on board LED, which provides high luminous flux for the right effect. “Even at high application temperatures, they create the basis for highly efficient luminaires with a luminous flux of 1500 Lm to 4500 Lm,” adds

Mirc high bay lamp

Rajiv Batra.

Philips Lighting India has recently launched its Cirrus LED recessed luminaire for offices. This solution replaces the 4 x 14 W T5 luminaire and consumes 30 per cent less energy compared to T5 solutions with a lifespan of 40,000 burning hours. The solution is affordable and users recover their costs in two to three years (based on usage). Philips GreenLED, an energy saving downlighter

Avnish Jauhari, business head, lighting, Mirc Electronics Ltd

for offices and the retail segment, is an effective replacement for conventional CFL solutions, resulting in significant power saving and reduced operational costs. “GreenLED is a breakthrough offering that combines modern product design, the latest LED technology, reliable heat management, with low glare and good quality lighting,” explains Indranil Goswami, head, lighting application services, Philips Lighting India.

Sujana Energy provides a wide range of downlights and troffer lights for the commercial segment. “The higher lumens per watt for the total system, and our focus on competitive pricing, is what sets these lights apart. In all, we have seven new downlight models and five new troffer models in the range of 3 W to 21 W

BN Sinha, director, Candela Lighting Systems Pvt Ltd

and 20 W to 60 W, respectively,” says Hari Kiran Chereddi, managing director, Sujana Energy Ltd. Sujana claims its lights to be of high quality in terms of optics, electronics and fixtures, with excellent energy efficiency. “Our new products generate higher lumens while consuming less power. Maintaining the junction temperatures well under the limits to ensure the longevity of the LED is the key here. The lower wattage LEDs that have a much higher efficacy of around 140 Lm/W

Bipin Mehta, proprietor, Hi Tech Luninaries

are used to get these outputs from our products. The lower driving currents ensure that temperatures generated are much lower than typical values, which, in turn, affect other parts of the system and the pricing,” explains Hari Kiran Chereddi.

As per company claims, Sujana lights can reduce energy consumption by 50 per cent. And this figure can be further increased by integrating the LED lights with other automation techniques like dimming and switching on/off, based on occupancy. The most common method of lighting automation control involves using motion sensors to manage the on/off state of the lights. Certain software are being used to calculate the exact lighting requirements in commercial spaces so as to minimise energy wastage and maximise the efficiency. “LED devices are undergoing continuous technological innovations to increase high luminous efficacy and a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI). LEDs with an efficacy of

G Gururaja, director, operations, Avni Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd

around 100 Lm/W are common, and there are even commercially available devices that offer more. Recognising that such innovations are the need of the hour in the commercial space, we are working in this direction and have already started implementing automation in our range of

Hari Kiran Chereddi, managing director, Sujana Energy Ltd

products,” informs Hari Kiran Chereddi.

Avni Energy has launched many new products in the indoor commercial lighting segment. Its new range of LED downlights of 5 W, 7 W and 12 W power are aesthetically designed with die cast aluminium fixtures and high efficiency drivers that have high voltage cut off protection (300 V). It has also launched a replacement for 400 W HPSV/MH lamp with 200 W LED light for high mast light. “We have come out with an 18 W LED tubelight with a lumen efficacy of 80 Lm/watt, which complies to CE standards and has been tested and certified by UL for lumen performance (LM79),” informs G Gururaja, director, operations, Avni Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Avni Energy also offers downlights and MR16 LEDs. “We have developed downlights using a special diffuser, where the light source is not visible,” adds Gururaja.

Candela Lighting Systems has currently developed a wide range of LED downlights mainly for commercial applications with

Indranil Goswami, head, lighting application services, Philips Lighting India

high luminous intensity power LEDs. This series of downlights is available in the range of 5 W to 36

Nikhil Malhotra, country manager, GlacialTech

W, both in recessed and surface mounted versions, using higher amounts of special aluminium as the heat sink. It has also developed LED track lights, especially for retail spaces as a replacement for conventional halogen and metal halide lamp options, with the best quality diffuser. Its new 24 W LED square downlight measures 60.96 cm X 60.96 cm (2ft x 2ft).

“We use excellent quality thermally conductive adhesives for the diodes to bond with the heat sinks and the heat sinks to the MCPC boards, both in liquid and tape form, depending on the fixture. We are also very particular about the quality of the aluminium, which helps to dissipate heat, leading to the longer life of the product. Besides, several steps have been taken to control and regulate the current in the power supply for LED products and we have added over voltage protection to the light unit,” informs BN Sinha, director, Candela Lighting Systems Pvt Ltd.

Glacial Light offers new advanced outdoor and indoor lighting solutions to cater to the

Mukesh Goyal, director, Printed Electronics Pvt Ltd

commercial and industrial sectors. A few examples are the triac dimmable downlights of 15.24 cm X 20.32 cm (6 inch and 8 inch),

Praveen Mahajan, director, Key Operation & Electrocomponents Pvt Ltd

and the new 110 W and 220 W high bay light, which is specifically designed with Philips Lumileds LEDs that use thermal module technology to design heat sinks. “We have used innovative technology to build a new driver, which can save energy transfer losses. This driver is available in our downlights, MR16 and AR111,” states Nikhil Malhotra, country manager, India, GlacialTech. According to him, bundling MR16 LED luminaires with GlacialPower AC to DC LED drivers will help to accommodate a universal AC input voltage range of 90~264 Vac.

“Our thermal module technology prevents the junction temperature from increasing when it reaches a certain level, which guarantees the quality of our high bay lights and extends their lifespan, while reducing atmospheric heat. There is an inbuilt system for controlling the temperature. With no ultraviolet rays and toxic substances such as lead and mercury, these high bay lights are a perfect fit for high ceiling applications. Our intelligent designs offer maximum light output by using 75 per cent less energy than a typical high pressure sodium metal halide light. We

Puneet Grover, executive director, Hi-Sense Technology

use multi-chip technology, whereas other suppliers use COB (which has heat sink problems), with advanced lens technology,” explains Nikhil Malhotra.

Among its new products, Mirc Electronics (Onida) offers LED high bay lights in various models, ranging from 70 W system

Rajiv Batra, managing director, Rabyte Electronics

power to 160 W system power. “Our LED high baylights have various technical advantages. They have better thermal management, as they are perfectly designed with extruded aluminium heat sinks for 100 W and 150 W lamps—keeping LED junction temperatures as low as possible. This makes the product more viable for long continuous runs in rigorous conditions—even up to 10 years,” says Avnish Jauhari, business head, lighting, Mirc Electronics Ltd. Onida LED lamps are UL approved and can work up to 380 V. These are designed, tested and validated for a lifespan of 10 years. “Our lamps are all customised and we design the light output/pattern to match various applications such as the requirements of factories, warehouses, public places of various heights and various grid sizes,” adds Avnish Jauhari.

Choice Chemtech, a leading manufacturer and supplier of complete LED lighting solutions, offers bay lights, stairlights, indoor bulbs, lamps, etc. “Our LED products go through rigorous

Satish Kumar Wadhwa, director, technology, Frick Electro Controls (India)

testing in our state of the art facility. Our circuit, designed by a specialised team, is the most rigid circuit currently available in the market, with all protections of short circuit, open circuit, direct control of current through IC, high efficiency, over voltage, thermal protections, etc,” informs Vinod Goyal, managing director,

Shobhit Gupta, general manager, Akshat Autoline Pvt Ltd

Choice Chemtech P Ltd.

Trishul Green Lights provides die cast flood lights, panel lights, dome lights, tubelights, underwater lights, etc, with energy efficiency features in different wattages and for different applications. “The heat sinks of our products is directly exposed, hence cooling is more efficient. It is compact and has long life. Heat dissipation in some of our LED products is also being reduced,” says S Nagaraj, managing director, Trishul Green Lights.

Laaj LED Lights offers LED flood lights, bay lights, etc. “Our LED flood lights and bay lights have universal AC input (up to 305 V AC) in full range. It is protected against short circuit, overload, over voltage and over temperature. While the flood lights have 85~340 lux luminous intensity, and are ideal replacement for 1000 W HID, the bay lights have 70 to 125 lux luminous

Shyam Mishra, sales manager, India, Cree Hong Kong Ltd

intensity,” says Suniil Jagwani, managing director, Laaj LED Lights.

Frick Electro’s commercial product range is broadly classified into three categories—elevation lighting, office lighting, and commercial complex lighting. For elevation lighting, Frick Electro offers LED flood lights and wall

S Nagaraj, managing director, Trishul Green Lights

washers; for commercial hospitality applications, it offers replacement for the 2ft (2 x 36 W) office lights. It has recently launched 36 W LED office lights. 50 W and 100 W single chip LED high bay lights (with price as low as Rs 5400 for 50 W), and 80 W LED lights to replace halogen lamps at petrol pumps. “Our LED products can sustain voltage fluctuations and can withstand a voltage variation of 90 V~270 V in the input AC. The thermodynamics of the products are so designed that the heating effects are very minimum,” explains Satish Kumar Wadhwa, director, technology, Frick Electro Controls (India).

Printed Electronics has introduced four new models in ceiling LED light series (2 ft x 2ft) under the brand name Glow Green. Apart from the new launches, it also offers a varied range of

Suniil Jagwani, managing director, Laaj LED Lights

downlights in different wattages, sizes and design to suit individual customer requirement. “We also provide retrofit solutions in LED to save on the fixture cost. Our strength lies in customising a product to suit customer’s requirements,” says Mukesh Goyal, director, Printed Electronics Pvt Ltd. Glow Green LED flood lights range from 10 W to 100 W. Its high/low bay lights are under prototyping stage and will be launched soon. It also caters to the niche market of underwater LED products like fountain and

Vinod Goyal, managing director, Choice Chemtech p Ltd

swimming pool lights.

“We keep abreast with the latest developments in the field of solid state lighting and incorporate the latest technologies in our products. Even on the thermal management front, we are trying to incorporate the latest technologies and innovations in our products,” adds Mukesh Goyal.

Hi-Sense Technology offers LED panel lights in many different shapes and sizes under the brand name Hanz Lite, to cater to the needs of all kinds of projects and architectural demands. It will soon introduce round panel lights starting from 100 mm to 300 mm. “All our LED panel lights are made using low power SMD LEDs, which provide well dispersed light from the entire surface

Choice Chemitech’s LED bulb

area, thus no prominent LED points are visible. The raw material used is sourced from world renowned brands of the highest quality, resulting in minimum light wastage. Additionally, these panel lights can be provided with option of dimmable and non-dimmable drivers. The thickness of these panel lights is 6 mm, however we also provide hanging accessories for installation at locations without false ceiling,” informs Puneet Grover, executive director, Hi-Sense Technology.

Hi Tech Luminaires offers various types of downlights with medium power LED giving 120 degree spreadlight, downlighters

Laaj LED Lights’ high bay light

which can easily replace 2 x 18 W PLL and 3 x 36 W PLL. “We offer downlighters from 10.16 cm to

Osram’s Oslon-SSL series

20.32 cm having power from 7 W to 35 W with driver loss. We have designed our downlighters in such a way that they can replace the present CFL downlighters,” says Bipin Mehta, proprietor, Hi Tech Luminaires.

Starting from 10 W to 2 x 26 W, Hi Tech Luminaires offers all varieties as per customer needs. “In fact, we give them a complete solution where they can replace their present CFL fittings with LED lights very easily and save at least 50 to 65 per cent power consumption. For example, 2 x 18 W downlighter consumes 36 W + ballast loss of 2 x 6 W if it is in copper. Against this, we give them 14 W LED downlighter, which gives the same light output,” explains Bipin Mehta. These products are technologically advanced as branded medium power LEDs are used, which generate less heat compare to high power LEDs. The

Frick Electro’s LED bay light
Laaj Lightings’ LED high bay light

thermal management is easy and it gives long life of more than 50,000 burning hours.

Akshat Autoline Pvt Ltd offers a range of LED lighting products under the brand name Tejas LED Lighting. Its products include LED tubelights T8 and T10 for replacement of conventional fluorescent lights, high power LED spotlights and downlights for residential illumination, high power LED track lights or spotlights for commercial lighting, LED cove lights, wall washers and projection lights for architectural lighting.

“Tejas LED Lighting offers the best value lighting solutions for homes and offices that are designed according to the expectations of the customer. We allow our customers to share the architectural drawings of their commercial space, and do a 3D modeling using computer simulation to show how LED lights will illuminate the area. This way one can optimise further scientifically on optimum illumination levels required,” shares Shobhit Gupta, general manager, Akshat Autoline Pvt Ltd.

Key Operation & Electrocomponents Pvt Ltd has a wide range of LED products in its portfolio which includes, LED lamps,

Trishul Green Lights’ flood light
Trishul Green Lights’ flood light

downlighter, fixtures and tubelights. “Our products are widely known for their low energy consumption, durable nature and reliability. These products are designed by the best engineers of the domain. In addition, our inhouse professionals are assisted by a well developed and furnished infrastructure unit, which is equipped with all the required and latest tools and machinery. Moreover, our team of quality controllers ensures that these products are fabricated in accordance with all the prescribed industry norms and international quality standards, says Praveen Mahajan, director, Key Operation & Electrocomponents Pvt Ltd.


Hi Tech Luninaries’ LED light




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