Partner Program by BittWare Beneficial for FPGA-Based Solutions


A new partner program has been designed by Bittware on 20th April, 2022. This program simplifies and streamlines customer deployments of high-performance, data-intensive applications. As size, complexity and customised demands of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) increase; this program reduces time-to-market drastically. With customised Intellectual Properties(IP) and board-level capabilities needed for specific applications, this program utilises BittWare’s FPGA accelerator technology, and facilitates a solution-filled ecosystem.

“We are uniquely positioned to close critical gaps in the FPGA design process while reducing risk and accelerating commercialization of innovative, high-performance applications,” attributes Craig Petrie, VP, Sales and Marketing of BittWare

Ecosystem of Collaborators & Innovators
Apart from faster functioning; customer collaboration begins at an early stage. This can help meet demands of artificial intelligence, machine learning inference, database acceleration, computational storage, 5G, test and measurement and security.

Few of the partners listed below solve challenges in their categories.
1. Compute : Intel, EdgeCortix,  Megh Computing
2. Network : Atomic Rules, Enyx, Grovf, Siama Systems, Xiphera
3. Storage : Eideticom, IntelliProp

This partner program works well when combined with BittWare’s accelerator as a preferred platform. More details about the program can be found on the BittWare Website.


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