Fyn Mobility, Exponent Energy To Roll Out 15-Minute Chargeable EVs

Fyn and Exponent Partner to roll out a fleet of 1500, 15-minute chargeable EVs Credits: Exponent Energy

The partnership between Fyn Mobility and Exponent Energy would reduce idle time and enable multiple trips with a single fully charged three-wheeler EV.

Integrated electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem platform, Fyn Mobility, has partnered with EV charging startup Exponent Energy to roll out 1,500 electric three-wheelers (3-W) in Bengaluru, which can be fully charged in 15 minutes.

The three-wheelers, called neEV Tez, result from an earlier partnership between Exponent Energy and Altigreen. Combined with Exponent’s e^pump network, Fyn would be able to operate the fleet of EVs which can be charged entirely in 15 minutes.

Exponent Energy has built a battery pack & charging station called the e^pack & e^pump that together unlock a 15-minute full charge for EVs with any number of wheels & provide a 3000-cycle life warranty – all while using regular Li-ion cells to make rapid charging affordable and scalable. To support the fleet, Exponent has already installed 20 e-pump charging facilities across Bengaluru and plans to add 80 more in the next six months.

Fyn said that it planned to roll out these EVs to be cross-utilised, making the overall cost of operations to businesses much more affordable, and opening up new opportunities within the industry. The company added that it would be able to minimise idle time and enable multiple trips with a single neEV Tez which would charge completely in 15 minutes.

Commenting on the partnership between Fyn and Exponent, Visakh Sasikumar, founder and CEO, of Fyn Mobility said, “We are re-tuning the EV-as-a-service industry to look at cross-utilisation of EVs as a metric of scale rather than just the number of EVs deployed. This partnership enables us to use a single commercial EV for 2 shifts covering close to 18 hrs of service which has now steadily become a reality.”

Fyn Mobility, formerly Pi Electric, is one of India’s first vertically integrated EV-as-a-Service platforms for last-mile logistics and commute applications. The company offers end-to-end micro-mobility through its EV solutions.



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