Syska Wins EESL’s Tender to Supply 10 Million LED Bulbs


The Gram Ujala scheme, as per CESL, is a scheme that is offering LED bulbs at world’s cheapest prices in rural areas at Rs 10

Syska LED has won a tender to supply 10 million light emitting diode (LED) bulbs. Floated by the state-run Energy Efficiency Services Ltd’s subsidiary Convergence Energy Services Ltd (CESL), this tender will require Syska to supply these LED bulbs in rural areas. The tender was floated under the recently launched Gram Ujala scheme.

“Syska LED has won a uniquely structured tender by public sector entity Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL) to supply LEDs for homes in rural India based on carbon finance. In a first-of-its-kind structure, CESL had invited participation of bidders for co-investment on a revenue sharing basis, where costs and profits would be shared in a manner that will encourage public-private participation in climate change mitigation,” read an official statement released by CESL.

It added, “As part of this agreement, CESL will be procuring 70 lakh 12-watt LED lamps, and 30 lakh 7-watt lamps. Both Syska and CESL will share 50 per cent of the cost and therefore 50 percent of the revenue, arising from the sale of carbon credits and the opportunity to participate in nation building. LEDs will be distributed to homes in rural India at a minimal price of Rs 10 each.”

The Gram Ujala scheme, as per CESL, is a scheme that is offering LED bulbs at world’s cheapest prices in rural areas at Rs 10. This scheme involves no government support or subsidy. Under the scheme, the revenue earned from carbon credits will contribute Rs 60 per LED bulb piece, with the balance Rs 10 to be paid by the rural consumer.

Distributed Over 36.69 Crore LED Bulbs

Under UJALA, EESL has distributed over 36.69 crore LED bulbs across India. This, as per the Ministry of Power, has resulted in estimated energy savings of 47.65 billion kWh per year with avoided peak demand of 9,540 MW and estimated GHG emission reduction of 38.59 million tonnes CO2 per year. Additionally, over 72 lakh LED tube lights and over 23 lakh energy efficient fans have also been distributed at affordable price under this programme.

The domestic LED market has grown significantly beyond the UJALA programme, with the industry selling over 1.15 billion LEDs, far exceeding the UJALA programme’s target of 700 million LED units. Going forward, EESL has an ambitious plan in the SLNP portfolio for next 4-5 years where it intends to bring investment to the tune of Rs 8,000 crores by 2024 by covering entire rural India. It is expected that more than 30 million LED streetlights would be retrofitted/installed by EESL.

“When we first began our UJALA and Street Lighting National Programme (SLNP), we had envisioned a cleaner, greener and brighter India. Today, as both our flagships initiatives complete their six years of excellence, I can say that we have met and surpassed our original objectives. However, much still needs to be done, and I firmly believe that these two initiatives will be transforming illumination and energy efficiency, for years to come,” stated Saurabh Kumar, executive vice chairperson, EESL had said recently.


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